Greeting cards are meant to express people’s emotion for special occasions. This is the best place to start your wishes to your loved ones. in this site E-cards for every occasion like birthdays, get well,anniversary,wedding,everyday events, friendship day, family functions, stay in touch cards ,thanks, cards, congrats cards and funny E-cards.E-cards are customizable , so in this virtual postcards guest can easily modify the E-cards as per their requirements with creativity mind .in general we all celebrate some day’s throughout the year such as valentine’s day, Christmas, Easter, mother’s day, new year, Zoplay thanksgiving,diwali, father’s day, season greetings, Halloween. In this digital world, the cost-effective innovative ideas into postcards make smile on face; all people love greetings so make use of free online e-greetings.
Virtual post-ship is very simple, it permits users to create postcards in online, then send them to loved ones via social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or email, when it comes to design the images, layout, effects with different region styles themes occasions, folks can use the default one or using special effects in a layout to impress other person on the other side. New user to virtual post, no worries, this is user friendly page, even a child can create and send postcards, the creation of postcards has several steps: choosing a best layout for occasion Choosing a perfect theme from those available .if need guests can add photo, customizing the layout with photo, choosing fonts these are all the steps to enhance the design, after completion of these steps our greeting is covered by postcard, Now, it is ready to ship. For each occasion the card differs in layout style as well as images. Another way of using this greeting card is promoting business, getting the business circle people to know about the event .to create an attractive postcard in the virtual post, it is easy here within five minutes the postcard is ready to send.



The first step is select which occasion greeting is needed and then prefer the wonderful design layout from the library, upload images that are secure in this site, after that choose font and edit text or add text .here is the result, save and share with resource person people need peculiar design and completely customizable one, that options to better layout and fonts, changing the images like if a person likes car guest can add the favorite car in a layout. Creating fonts that option hundred and thirty varieties of fonts, changing background images from library helps with design layout .colors that is the main thing while creating a greeting card, colors speak rather than words, the color of text boxes and text to add extra flair. Want to make virtual postcard unique, all guests can upload own photos and use them combined with our layouts to share photos of their vacation. Family, our favorite shots from the Instagram feed. Whether a group of hikers creating a postcard to celebrate a trip, it takes too much opinion of others end, so people can be best tinder clone 2018 combined together and create and design together. People can easily share the postcard with anyone. Friends also can edit work with the creation of these types of postcards. Postcards printed on both sides with different sizes A5, A6 and A7, the surface of postcard is made up of matt lamination, partial lacquer cards are same as postcard using digital media we can deliver huge varieties of postcards.
E-cards are used for showing the care and affection before the innovation of this technology people gives importance to buy a greeting card from the shop, using e-cards people delivering the wishes in an advanced way, such as animated e-cards now a day’s hooking and deliver greetings that sing, talk dance. Printable E-cards are people can easily take a hardcopy of the E-cards that from online. The updated designs and occasion greetings exactly attract when it processed in printing.


Postcards are fully designed with good quality sheets as well as good quality resolution in layout; people can use this as softcopy or hard copy E-cards are eco-friendly, there is no need of paper or card paper and other traditional things, instead, they are sent electronically. It results lessening the use of paper.E-cards cost is less no need of digital transaction, in many websites they don’t cost for e-cards, so no need of spending money for greetings. Only way is to choose recipient and send and presto. People can send wishes to more than one receiver thus bring happiness in a single click of greeting Award winning Tinder clone app message.
The innovative creation in e-card is that animated cards they also hold music, emojis compared with traditional one this feature lacks in old one. The sending message is reached as soon as possible receiver immediately receives the greeting message .personalization of cards is the one preferable by most of the users for their ideas into reality .the website called free E-card punch bowl, in this site users can send customized digital greeting that covers up with a virtual envelope with a stamp. Punchbowl also has some different option in site party planning and reminder. Another website called ping free e-cards and online invitations that enable video, photos, custom messages and other digital items during creation free design filter part shows free E-cards. Premium Memberships at Pingg has lots of free E-cards and invitations to send, with this membership people, can send invitations out to up to two thousand five hundred guests, ad-free greetings, a custom web URL, and choose from premium designs